Following a restructure, I have a number of critical and challenging roles to fill. I have looked in the market without success for 3 months. I need to move quickly to identify top talent - can you work with me to get the roles populated quickly and effectively - and in Hong Kong?

In April 2009, the newly appointed Head of Information Management for a global airline business headquartered in Hong Kong requested assistance from hunterPac in resourcing a range of challenging roles within his newly established organisation.  The client had been in the market for three months with no success in sourcing suitably qualified talent.  The stated key priority was to resource the roles as quickly and effectively as possible given the elapsed time.

We moved immediately to develop the scope for the roles, the key responsibilities and, most importantly, the client reumuneration structure - which represented some challenges and constraints given the differences in strategy within Hong Kong versus the additional countries from which we were sourcing talent.

We incorporated the requirements accordingly into our search strategy and worked quickly and in tandem with the client, seamlessly moving from the identification and confirmation of appropriately talented and qualified candidates through to interviews both by phone and face to face in Hong Kong with the client panel.

In a six month period, we assisted the client in the population of 70% of the Senior Leadership team and program management roles.  Over 90% of all of our initially presented candidates progressed to first and second level interviews.  Of those interviewed, more than 70% were offered positions.

hunterPac was initially engaged as a compliment to the preferred talent supplier for the wider business. As a result of our success rate, and the strong relationship we have developed with the client, we are proud now to be the client's preferred talent supplier.  We continue to develop the scope and depth of our capacity to assist this organisation through our other streams of business. At present, we are about to undertake a broad ranging and tailored salary benchmarking exercise to ensure the business can take steps to be suitably positioned to be able to attract and engage the best talent to deliver against the strategy.

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