Service overview

hunterPac offers organisations seeking to optimise their capabilities two complementary services:

  • Consulting (using a unique approach) to support organisations who wish to quickly tap into specialist skills, seek advice or solve specific problems in the short term
  • Talent management (Executive Search, Recruitment|Contract Resourcing) to facilitate access to the best people and to get the best out of them in the right roles




A “Hyperbaric” consulting approach

Our proposition provides our clients with:

  • Access to highly experienced, pragmatic senior consultants and line managers
  • Access to teams that blend deep consulting skills with practical up to date, cross-industry, line management experience
  • Assured levels of quality but at a lower overall cost to comparable consulting offerings
  • A focus on practical outcomes rather than documentation.
  • An approach that works through client staff to deliver ownership, understanding and the ability control outcomes beyond the initial intervention
  • Short, sharp, time-boxed phases of work combined with tight governance.

We are known for:

  • Accelerated timeframes
  • Cost effective approach
  • Access to experts in the field
  • Partnering approach
  • Independence
  • Strong Track Record

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Talent Management

Bringing talent and organisations together in the right way to meet your needs.

Executive Search
When clients seek to permanently boost their talent pools, particularly in senior level and critical organisational positions, we offer our reliable and responsive Executive Search approach through Ken Owiti.

We pride ourselves on our vast and up-to-date network of talented executives, offering us the ability to quickly identify appropriate talent to meet your needs and provide a thorough but rapid evaluation of their relative strengths in relation to what you seek.

As an additional value add service, we are also able to provide Executive Advisors who can support the appointed executive through the first 90 days of the placement.


Recruitment | Contract Resourcing

When clients seek short term capabilities for defined outcomes we draw on the Services of Recruitment |Contract Resourcing via Genie Khan and her team.

Mirroring our approach to Executive Search, the team diligently maintains and augments our networks of professional staff within the IT domain. Our network of professionals have the flexibility and willingness to work on a contract basis as well as permanent roles.

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