hunterPac Consulting

Accelerated timeframes
We use an accelerated, short time frame, delivery approach that typically delivers outcomes in 4-10 weeks. Ken Owiti heads up our Consulting stream with a passion to drive project outcomes through client team members. We strive to ensure that knowledge is built and kept within the client and the team members are coached to own and deliver sustainable business outcomes. Projects are grouped into tightly governed and managed short and sharp deliverables. Typically we convene a weekly decision making governance forum to keep up the pace and quality of the outcomes.

Cost effective approach
In many projects we help drive out cost savings. So it is particularly important that a Consulting engagement itself is a cost effective investment. Our methodology saves our clients money but also means we can use the specialist resources to whom we have access. If follow-on activity is required, we configure our teams accordingly with one of our core principals taking the lead and providing continuity. Our consultants have no real incentive to sell-on work so our clients find they focus on the issues and getting problems solved.

Access to experts in the field
A fundamental difference for hunterPac is that, despite the fast paced approach, we are focused on the organisational outcome rather than simply producing a high quality deliverable. This can only come from experience that draws upon our understanding of the multi-dimensional complexities of line management combined with effective change management and consulting disciplines.

Our staff:

  • A permanent leadership team consisting of senior executives with a proven track record in industry, consulting, recruiting and executive search that provide continuity, consistency and assure quality levels
  • An Advisory Panel of Senior highly experienced executives with specialisation in each of the industry and functional areas we work in
  • An extensive network of functionally focused experts with proven track records, frameworks, tools, techniques and benchmarks which are drawn upon for specific projects.

Partnering approach
We only work in joint teams. We require that client team members drive the engagement and we support, coach and build the capability in the team members to own, understand and deliver the outcomes. They lead and typically present the project findings and drive recommendations through to implementation. Our projects also include an element of coaching that extends well beyond the initial engagement to ensure that value is delivered and benefits are realised but most importantly, staff develop deeper skills and understanding.

We have no partnering arrangements, no system implementation interests, no mark-ups on software tools, no affiliate services and no interest in selling large teams or long term projects. You can be assured of the fact that our analysis, advice and recommendations are totally driven by their value in securing your business objectives.

Strong Track Record
We have an established history of partnering with Blue Chip clients across a range of industries (from Financial Services, Retail, IT, Government, Mining, Media and Telecommunications). We assist in finding talent, and managing restructures and organisational change. We engage in strategic interventions to uplift the performance and solve issues in key business areas, with in-depth experience in Technology, Finance, HR and Operations.