Recruitment | Contracting Resourcing

Our research is proactive and we thoroughly evaluate all professionals prior to confirming them as part of the hunterPac network. In keeping with our overall ethos of fast, pragmatic but high quality solutions, this approach means that the process of finding talent from the point of request to that of appointment can be significantly shortened as our evaluations are readily available and allow matching to needs to be efficient and streamlined.

Our approach to find talent for you is thorough and predicated on building an in-depth understanding of your business, its climate and culture as well as the core skills and competencies for the roles in question.

Our 7 step process is as follows:

  1. Thorough briefing to establish the core requirements for the roles required, including skills, and competencies, as well as an appreciation of the client culture and climate, to ensure best fit.
  2. Confirmation of role specs and sign off by the client sponsor
  3. Market search, reference checking and matching process to identify best fit candidates
  4. Interviews with client
  5. Appointment of candidates
  6. Management and sign off of contracts
  7. Regular review with both client and contractor for feedback and continuous improvement.