We consider our Consulting approach unique and differentiated from traditional models in a number of critical ways:

  • Staffing - we have a different approach to facilitating client access to insight, content and experience through our extended network of specialists
  • Project Approach - we have developed an accelerated delivery model which drives outcomes through client staff resulting in their development and ownership
  • Timescales - While we can and do build long term relationships with our clients, our model does not incentivise us to “sell” big projects. This ensures our clients stay in control and don’t spend large budgets.

Our proposition provides our clients with:

  • Access to highly experienced, pragmatic senior consultants, executives and line managers
  • Access to teams that blend deep consulting skills with practical up to date, cross-industry, line management experience
  • Assured levels of quality but at a lower overall cost to comparable consulting offerings
  • A focus on practical outcomes rather than documentation
  • An approach that works through our clients’ staff to deliver ownership, understanding and the ability control outcomes beyond the initial engagement.
  • Short, sharp, time-boxed phases of work combined with tight governance