Executive Search

We are able to tap into an expansive network of talent built over years of experience in the field, and we pride ourselves on our approach to the care and maintenance of all of our relationships. Once engaged, we are quickly and expertly able to conduct detailed quantitative and qualitative industry and individual research to identify executives appropriately qualified for key positions. We have a tried and tested approach to the canvassing of executives’ skills, motivations and abilities which allows us to introduce to our clients only the most suitable of the potential candidate field.

Many of our clients have engaged us to assist with the review of internal candidates through benchmarking processes, and also to conduct reviews of specific departmentsas a precursor to a recruitment campaign. Typically, this involves extensive interviews of internal staff, remuneration review, succession planning and performance mapping against similar organisations.

Like all our business streams, our search business is characterised by a highly responsive approach which recognises that getting the best senior talent in place is often a time critical issue for organisations. We are known for our ability to place the right executive in your organisation within very short timescales and we can do this because of our extensive network.